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May 23, 2014
Christmas came early when I heard a faint knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting a delivery, so naturally I was praying that it would be a) a puppy or b) an incorrectly delivered dominos, which I would of course selflessly claim to save the embarrassment of the delivery guy…

However, it was neither. I was in fact handed over a beautifully wrapped parcel by a very smiley delivery man who was definitely expecting my squeals…

Tearing the outderbox open, I saw British Jewellery brand, Monica Vinader’s heavenly stamp staring back at me. The boy did good! He definitely deserved his favourite cholula chicken tonight, I thought. 

However, the boy knew nuzzin! In fact, Monica Vinader’s team of secret store fairies must have noticed me forever stopping in the window of their South Molton Street boutique and caught-on to my MV wish.
Like a child at Christmas, or in my case, a cheese addict in La Fromagerie, I tore open the tissue paper to reveal…
an enchanting little box, carefully bound with cerise pink rope.
(Waiting to take the above snap was like watching a dog be told to *waaaaaait* to eat his biscuit which his evil owner carefully balanced on his paw.)
AND there she was.
MV’s sterling silver, stacking ring from their Siren collection; inspired by sea worn treasures and the old world glamour of Capri. The band has a slightly hammered texture with an imperfect, wavy hem: Click here to view.
The pièce de résistance has to be the multifaceted White Topaz gemstone which looks just like a sliced diamond. It reflects the light beautifully and I just love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!
As a chunky silver addict, I feel as though this piece was made for me and I feel so so lucky that Monica Vinader have invited me into their gang. Like a lot of MV’s pieces this ring also comes in gold and rose gold with a variety of coloured gemstones which all have different, spiritual meanings.
Friends of mine who were already lucky enough to own MV warned me of how addictive collecting their pieces would be, which got me thinking…
Remember back in the day we’d all chip in and buy our friends a tiffany heart tag bracelet (just referenced their website, I swear they used to be less than half the price!?) Well now it would have to be one of MV’s bali friendship bracelets that you can get engraved for free! What a percect gift…

MV also offer free UK delivery & returns! I’m eyeing up the fluro range which makes me think of my travels, slash ensures I look tanned and healthy at all times.

P.s. I know it’s bad luck to put a ring on said finger (above), but I proved incapable to take a photo with my left hand after repeatedly dropping my camera. So, to clear things up, i’m not engaged, I have a dented camera and I also have the fittest ring ever. Plus, Mr A got his cholula chicken. That brat couldn’t just let me have my moment… 
Have a gander:
& check out the enchanting life of designer and owner Monica Vinader, herself, here.
Which collection is your fave?

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