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December 14, 2012



Firstly, i’m sorry it’s been a little while, i’ve been here there and everywhere! However, I do have some goodens lined up for you, starting off with my pick of this years winter warmers that are leaving me googly-eyed and sweaty palmed.

Firstly, the hat.
 Now, who wouldn’t love a cashmere pom pom extravaganza in the sweetest tangerine and burgundy/blush combo.  I often visit this hat in-store and give it a little stroke. One day my precious.

The glasses are beauitfully retro and make a nod to the Lennon lovers amongst us; the lovers who are not quite ballsy enough to go the whole hog and wear the infamous round metals. 

The coat. Ohhh, the coat. 
I would live, sleep, eat, jog, run, swim and even bodyboard in this absoulte god send – please Santa I have been a fan of yours for years,  LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SAY I NEED THIS TO SURVIVE (please.)If these coats keep you warm in -30, than it should keep me practically sweltering in London. Which is actually ideal because then maybe we can actually have a summer that way, be it, inside my dream coat.

The knit is a cute, lean shape with longevity and versatility. Although I do worry that my love affair for messy foods would soon destroy this. I guess I could wear a napkin, or, just be less of a pig?

Finally, the Acne ‘free’ boots.
 Now, these leave me dazed and confused. Sometimes I love them, other times, I wonder if they would make me look like a a middle aged party boy called Stavros…

What are your winter favourites?

Images taken from official brand websites.

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