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November 29, 2012

 It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s the season of snuggling; making a wild nights in with the girls much more appealing than a chilly one out.
The new loungewear from the beauties over at Wildfox has got me thinking. Thinking, why do I not own a galaxy printed lounge set with 8 scary cats ogling my boobs? Or a cloud ridden rebel set with a hot american god on it? Something has to change. 
If like my house, the heating has been on since july and it tends to  feel a little like you’re in the Caribean when you close your eyes, you can opt for something a little less…clothy? How cute are these 50’s inspired pin-up girl sets? 
A girly night in must have the following articles to be perfect. Now, firstly pick your house of choice
i.e. the cosiest, emptiest, children-est free zone you can 

Then slather the place in blankets, fairy lights, beanbags and duvets…
Gather the cocktails, wine, milkshakes or hot chocolate and get comfy for the evenings events.

Starting off with a little nail-spiration from the wonderful creatives at Ciate. If you fancy something a little more exciting than the standard nail varnish set, this is for you. Opt for one of the Crushed Velvet Manicure sets in blue suede, berry poncho or milk cashmere or even try one of their famous Caviar Manicure sets. Plus, if you sign up to their newsletter you get 10% off your order!
Hello fluffy nails, meowww.
Or if you’d prefer, try your hand at applying Frou Frou 3D Nails by Nail Rocks in cute christmassy designs – all prepped and ready for the most magical time of the year!
If you’re a less is more type of girl, indulge yourself in some of the Illamasqua Exclusive Nail Duos over at ASOS and save yourself a nice 33% off!  The iddy biddy details that make up these wonderful illamasque nail varnishes are a concoction of award-winning chip resistant formulas with an extra hardwearing finish (hence why they are a touch more expensive than other makes.) I love this colour combo of ‘Obsess & Hemlock’… Very purdy.
Sponges aren’t just for applying make-up! Cut them up and use them to create ombre and galaxy designs to your nails by dabbing on layers of iridescent polishes. I love these ones from models own – cute little peaches.
After your nails have dried, the first few cocktails have been demolished and the hard work has been done ( I know, it’s tough having cosy nights in, but hang on in there, it gets easier tougher) give your skin a little spoiling with your favourite face masks and moisturisers.
This means hair back, make-up off and pure chill mode switched on.  
I’m dying to try the range of Aesop skincare products recommended to me buy the lovely Beauty Buying Assistant at the big yellow master of amazeness…Selfridges.
I have combination skin which is basically my skins way of saying it’s a tad bi-polar by one minute being dry and irritating and the next being a lil shiny. This range is said to be a miracle worker for these problems, balancing everything all back to a happy PH.
Anyway back to you guys, (me me me), slap the mask on, down another drink and nestle on down in to that squidgy sofa or beanbag and get yourself ready for some scrummy treats.
How amazing is this little fella I found on google! We all have that one friend who makes the best cakes, so let her take charge in the kitchen and as a team rustle up some funny, creative cupcake designs that you can gauge on for the rest of the evening. 
We also have that friend that is merging on the boarder of alcoholism thanks to their amazing cocktail making skills. I found this gorgeous winter cocktail on the pinterest and have written the ingredients above. If this doesn’t sound like your sort of thing, stick to your usual tipple and just dampen the top of the glass, dip it in sugar and decorative, edible ball balls and add a candy cane. Yumsville!
Now, there are just a few things left to do, be it movie time, natter time, or a good old-fashioned round of truth or dare…
Have fun all!
Last four photos – pinterest.

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