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January 15, 2013
Haute Hippie marabou feather gilet
Meet fluff, my little piece of heaven, so darn soft it brings a tear to the eye. A tad over the top I know, but I shan’t deny that i’m in love with my new gilet, this is my greatest eBay steal to date. I’d like to thank you Mr Omidyar for your kind invention, you’ve made me one happy girl. 
I’m also now heart-mad thanks to Mr Bailey & his wonderful Burberry Prorsum Menswear Fall/Winter 13/14 show hence the new cringe nails. 
The strange looking Topshop necklace above is very fantasy-esk, I was told that if you rub the gem and make a wish, a Narnia type world would appear before your very eyes. It doesn’t though, I tried it. Twice. Rip-off.

The grouchy looking belt below is a bargain buy from sale Zara and looks beaut paired with my flared jumpsuit; à la 70’s chic. 

I’m seriously favouring a nude lip atm, i’ve used Nas Turkish Delight in the image below however a teenie bit of foundation, girls I mean it, tiny, covered with vaseline would create a similar look. Excuse the slightly stroke like expression, evidentially i’m no model, however the fluff looks v cute!

The expensive, antique looking necklace below is actually a little Topshop number which I paired with my pleated navy gown for the British Fashion Awards. Very Titanic don’tcha think?
I wonder what colour phase I’ll be on to next? I’ll be sure to keep you updated…let’s hope it’s not yellow, yellow does not work for me. Think Mr Blobby.

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