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October 4, 2012

(google Scarf Print Blouse to find similar)
Topshop Premium Shoe SOLD OUT
A silky blouse paired with distressed denim shorts is the ultimate invitation to prop me up against a bar and wire me up to a cocktail drip. After all keeping hydrated is vital! Safety first, better have two of those Daiquiris – Thanking YOU Mr CocktailHourInventor. 

Zara is the don for affordable silk shirts. I am quite literally waiting for the day they bring out the twin sister version of Isabel Marants Laury floral-embroidered crepe shirt that I lust life away for on Net-A-Porter. 

I seriously heart these leather lace up sandals – a gift from the beau and very wang-esk. Why is it these are undoubtedly my lowest heals at 4″, yet they are the most evile to walk in? Like a mother loves her chubby child, I still love you and shan’t let your irritating stiletto heel ruin things between us. 

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