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October 5, 2012

Zara Silk Scarf Print Blazer SOLD OUT 
NYC Nail Colour in Park Ave & Bowery Black 

This Zara silk blazer was such a good buy! It looks just as purdy layered over leather leggings and chunky snoods as it does over this narrow necked playsuit and sultry stilettos. 
As for the nail varnishes, I got them for a euro each and loved the almost mud like tone of the Park Ave. After all, nude stiletto nails are the nail to don this season – think kitty claws dipped in foundation? Sounds chic yes? Give it a whirl, looks better than it sounds,a bit like Cheryl Cole…

Ahhh and there it is. My beautiful birthday watch from the beau; in all it’s edible looking, rose gold, glorious heap of chronograph chunk. Watches need to be large faced and chunky – I do not condone petite girly watches, personally. I am willing to be called butch or bruce over this debate, the bigger the better. Kisses for Mr Kors, he totally agrees!

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