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June 14, 2013

Two words: Stella; Resort (’14)
The combination of fizzy lemon, light orchid pink and icy blue blows my incy little brain. 
The minis don respectful crew necks whilst the oversize bombers just keep on nodding towards 90’s grunge in trashy snake prints – oh so hideously wonderful.
Dress coats are worn fitted in knicker-skimming lengths styled casually with metallic flats and messy-hair-don’t-care attitude; à la who else but Queen Chung. 

I’m struggling to come to terms with the fact that the lip and matchstick embelished dress (bottom left) shall not be hung in my wardrobe. Shit, this makes me want to commit. I mean, it wouldn’t look right squished in-between my Primarche per se, but it wouldn’t look outrageously out of place. 
Would it?
Quite literally the most adorable get up evz; screw the ‘girl plays with fire’ thing-going-ornnn, i’d feel like a pretty princess surround by all things fluffy and glittery…
Actually, I wouldn’t mind donning the whole lot whilst this plays on repeat to the story of my life.
Check out the whole collection, here.
& dream….

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