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Are skinny jeans out of fashion? Here’s a few alternative trouser cuts you should consider for 2016

March 20, 2016

Skinny jeans are great and for years, i’ve put all of my eggs into Topshop Jamie’s basket. However, last weekend, I tried about 20 alternative rotisserie doner huggers on, and left the changing rooms with my middle finger highly flung. Why is it that in any other style of skinny, I have to size up? Jamie’s full of nothing but false hope and elastane.

This realisation was made a little easier with the knowledge that skinnies are kinda finny. We all know there’s plenty of other cuts in the sea, but to me, Jamie equalled safety. Saying that, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Live laugh love etc. Here’s an example to make this emotionally difficult post a little easier for you.

Picture this. You’re at a hotel buffet *skip 5 minutes into the future* and you’ve eaten everything in fucking sight. The hotel staff have rolled you back to your room and plopped you in the bath; Greenpiece are on route to collect you. I respect you sis. Why have one cuisine when you can have zem all? WHY OWN ONE CUT OF TROUSER, WHEN YOU CAN OWN ZEM ALL.

See 2016’s preferred trouser cuts below, along with my favourite high street options.


Straight leg/cropped flare/mom jeans/boyfriend jeans (click the arrows below to see more options)


Wide leg pants/Palazzo pants/Flares


Cigarette trousers/tapered/peg

bettiazureculottes1dCulottes / ‘Awkward length trousers’

 Style wise, unless you’re happy to adopt the all over, slouchy silhouette – which is hot but can be tricky if you’re blessed with chest boulders – it’s time for role reversal. If the cut of your trourer is loose or baggy, go fitted on top to even out the proportions. Heels will of course lengthen yer, but 2016 was built for backless loafers and stumpy heeled ballet pumps.

Finally, kudos if the hems of your newly profound, wider leg jeans are frayed.

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Valentine’s day : last minute gift guide for him, her or yourself

February 7, 2016

If you’ve got yourself a sweet treat of a human, serve him or her the way you’d serve yourself on a hangover – indulgently.

Below is my Valentine’s day gift guide; for him, her or yourself and i’ve covered all price ranges. If you leave it so late that you’ve missed all delivery options, you’re best leaving the country without a trace…(or buying these.  If you’re in London, go for these.)

Happy Valentine’s, sweet ones!

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October 7, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.40.55

Mr A and I have only gone and become bloody homeowners.Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.41.53Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.39.20Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.47.15 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.38.41 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.39.39 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.47.47 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.48.46 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.44.38 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.42.19  Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.38.24 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.42.50 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.49.13 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.51.10 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 23.40.23

We weighed up locations for a good 3 minutes. Stay within zones 1-3 of London, live in a match stick box but be around pals and have a minute commute to work. OR, move to somewhere like Mars (Kent/Surrey etc.), get a roomier home and spend the money we’re saving…on transport.

With that, we now own a whole 500 sq. ft in South East London! Being a first time buyer wasn’t stressful enough, clearly, as we only went ahead and knocked all the internal walls down. We’re rejigging the floor plan to make the most out of the iddle space to make it sweeter to live in whilst keeping future re-sale in mind. Naturally with that, Pinterest has been the third wheel in our relationship and above is all the home porn we’re loving on.

We’ve done 2 months of manual labour ourselves (around work) to keep the costs down and we’re now at the stage now where our builder can join the fun. We’ll be moved in just in time for dressing the Christmas tree and hope to have all the finer details nailed before Cadbury eggs dominate every shelf, ever. I’ll share the outcome nearer the time, but for now, you can see me adding liked items to my interior shop, here.

If you know of any scandi/ mid century modern furniture sites or even instagram accounts, please do share by commenting here or @ing me on my social channels. The links at the top right and bottom of this page!

But for now…i’ve got rubble to clear, m’dears x


4 days in Copenhagen | itinerary

July 28, 2015

bettiazureboysinblack bettiazurecopenhagenbeer bettiazurecopenhagenflats bettiazurecopenhagenstreets bettiazuredenimdress bettiazurelaurathomas IMG_0278ed IMG_0452ed IMG_0276ed
bettiazurepark bettiazuremonochrome IMG_0386ed IMG_0261ed IMG_0346ed IMG_0324e IMG_0420ed bettiazurebreakfastincopenhagen bettiazurecopenhagenbrekkie starwarspark bettiazurepizza IMG_0279ed IMG_0281ed IMG_0286ed IMG_0291ed

IMG_0400edIMG_0326ed IMG_0331ed IMG_0340ed IMG_0389ed IMG_0384ed IMG_0368ed IMG_0358ed IMG_0398ed IMG_0362ed

We called the sweet meatpacking district of Vesterbro our home for 4 days, which I guess is similar to Shoreditch, London and Williamsburg, NYC. Our quaint little apartment of Scandi dreams sat sweetly above an XXdirty adult playroom. Yup. A discovery made by accident one fine morning when a curtain blew in the wind, revealing…more than I knew was humanly possible. The location was spot on though. Kødbyen, the actual meat packing area, is filled with al fresco wines and dines but I don’t want to essay the eyeballs off you. Instead, here’s a list of do’s for your visit to le hagen :

Rent a bike – Sit outside and drink Cherry wine with Hells Angels in War Pigs – go for a pizza at Mother, fresh seafood at Fiskebaren, an organic feast at BioMio (ideal for veggies/vegans) – taste the local herbs at Freetown Christiania (Europe’s Nimbin)– table dance at ex Slaughterhouse, Mesteren & Laerlingen – get cleverer at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (scenic 1hr train journey from central) – get sexy and mysterious at the club Ruby – sell your soul at the Acne Archive for a pair of shoes 8 sizes too small which you can’t live without – shop – ride it @ Tivoli Garden – Drink here if you’re a literature lover– and finally, never grow up at Superkilen.

If you’re going in the winter, here ye go.


COPENHAGEN : Nyhavn | candy coloured towns

July 16, 2015

copenhagenwow colourfulcopenhagen IMG_0409ed IMG_0377ed IMG_0412ed IMG_0424ed IMG_0445ed IMG_0323ed IMG_0307ed IMG_0440ed IMG_0443ed IMG_0294e IMG_0426ed copenhagenstripes copenhagencolourful IMG_0314ed IMG_0308ed

This be the candy coloured toy town of Nyhavn, you should probably absolutely definitely go there some time. Slurp on a cold Aperol Spritz along the canal or if you want to make pals, avoid the tourist trap bars and BYOB to the streets like the locals. There’s BBQs, benches and picnic patches on just about every corner. Man the Danish folk nail al-fresco living.

We continued our yonder to Torvehallerne food market which has over 60 food stalls. Here we ate, drank and got in an argument about reality TV and global warming (?), before heading to the Meatpacking district in Vesterbro for Cherry Wine with the lads. Dinner was served at Madklubben which was p.e.n.g.

The grate Danes, despite their nauseating good looks and effortless minimalism made us try hard, bronzer heavy gals feel so welcome. They have a fairer work life balance and a zest for every topic.


I’m moving there. Can I?


(Big fan of your work guys, clearly.)



Copenhagen : Nørrebro | Superkilen Red Square

July 14, 2015

bettiazurepinkandred bettiazurepretty bettiazurecnørrebro

bettiazureredwallcopenhagen betiazurecolourful bettiazurecopenhagenpark

bettiazurekswiss bettiazureredandpink bettiazurepinkred bettiazurepinkparkpark IMG_0298edEeeere we are playing in The Red Square in Superkilen park, watching the pale pink and orange rubber floors turn angry Barbie in the rain whilst we clamber like chubby toddlers on Absinthe over the urban furniture. Everything you see was collected by five groups commissioned by  City of Copenhagen and RealDania – they were sent to Palestine, Spain, Thailand, Texas and Jamaica in order to acquire five specific objects which have now all been installed for anyone and everyone to enjoy. There’s more than 100 different object encountered from more than 50 different countries so we thought we’d try and leave our friend Sarah there as a gift from London, but the swine followed us home…

I’ve left versions of the gals outfits under their photos for anyone interested! All over the iron-on initials on LTs bomber, get ’em here.

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July 2, 2015

I’m at the stage where I follow so many fitness freaks on Instagram that I genuinely think that watching one of their 15 second vids constitutes as my daily workout. You may laugh, but at least now I have a convincing outfit to wear whilst doing so. I can’t wait for the people in the ice scream queue to think I act-ually deserve that triple scoop sundae.

I snapped all of the above up for £45 in the  NETAPORTERsale but here’s the other things I had my chunky eyes on…