February 13, 2014
Yahhhhh, we know. It’s a money making scheme, Boo-hoo!
 Do you know what will really make you cry though? Ha, ready? Bruised marbles. TWO marbles to be precise. 
BOYS, this ones for you, read on if you dare…

We know you just ADORE us 24-7, 3-6-5 (yadda, yadda) AND true, you show us rarely daily! But if you want a girls advise, no matter what day of the year, if you’ve gone out of your way to show your hot piece of ***  angel just a lickle bit of un-begged-for love and attention, you will get tons of brownies and a peaceful life. 

Poor or poorer, it’s the little things. 
Bubble bath, candles on, dinner in the oven, what a man you’ve become!
 Pipe down, M&S dine in for 2 is £10 and a pack of 100 tea lights are a couple of quid. We know you spend at least a fiver a day on sugary treats, iTunes or bets at work (which you always lose, idiot) , so go with it!
Just remember that easy life I promised you…
Take her to the place you had your first date or somewhere with meaning. 
OMFGAHD what about building a den and stringing the place with fairy lights, play her favourite film and order a surprise take-away (her usual, from her favourite.)
Oh look at me I’m going all warm and fuzzy. 
Maybe I’m dehydrated.
Do you hear yourself right now? Pathetic. ‘What about me?’,  you say. I’m sure you’ll get something if you do well at this. If not, I’m sure you’ve always got some footy game to look forward too…
Stick your money where your mouth is: Lingerie (check her underwear drawer for sizes, do NOT get this drawer mixed up with her mums you giant perv. FYI, ASOS have plenty of affordable sets,click here  & holla at the Next Day Deliv!); Jewels (check if she’s a gold or silver gal first); Perfume (cough up boys, it’s Chanel all the way); Pictures (of you two, anything else would be, awks…); Flowers (just because it’s V day, you do not have to buy roses, try and find out which ones are her favourite.)
 CHOCOLATTTTTE (like, duhhhh.)
P.S. It’s cute that you occasionally listen to us, but now is not the timer for necessities. She does not need that box of tampons she was harping on to herself about, nor does she need a new set of biros. Think pretty. Think precious. 
Basically, BE.A.MAGPIE. 
Happy panic.
P.S. If all else fails, just buy her a puppy.

Style | Men

Wide Boys

October 26, 2012
Boys, boys, boys. Here’s some of the best sweaters of the season, starting off with the freshly baked goods over at Dope Chef. If you’re new to this brand, get involved and check out their website, here, you won’t be disappointed. 
Peace, Heart & Love over at ACNE – Invest in ribbed round necks, cuffs, and banded hems.
You can’t go wrong with Queen Viv – Vivienne Westwood Anglomania For Lee SweatShirt With Orb Print @ ASOS This also comes in Navy.
As it’s nearly Halloween it’s only fair to put a creepy printed Mishka print in so heres the Eyeball Crew Neck ‘Sweatshirt Throwback Keep Watch’
Teenie Weenie navy polka dot bikini sweater at ASOS 
Every boy needs a good old fashioned cable knit in their wardrobe and this lil’ number throws a contemporary twist on to the classic style at ASOS.
Supremebeing Squiggle Sweatshirt in a melange knit @ASOS & Supremebeing official. 

Farah Vintage Sweatshirt with All Over Pattern @ASOS
Grey Neppy Sport Printed Sweater @Topman


Waffle knits are huge this season and this one from ASOS also comes in a deep burgundy. Hello perfect Christmas jumper!
…and finally it ain’t no winter without a FairIsle print and there’s heaps of affordable ones on ASOS and Topman for around £30. I particularly like this one from ASOS with the contrast  neck and hem finish. Very Noice.