February 15, 2013
As you know, we spent a hell of a lot of time fabric shopping on day 6, but we also got to take in some fabulous sites in-between rummaging…

When the sun went down, we headed over to Central Park for a little stroll…

Our stroll inevitably ended up in the most incredible session of ice skating, ever! Move over Torvill and Dean, who are ya!?
It was mind blowing though, glittering sky scrapers, streets lined with fairy lights and the clearest of skies. 
It was perfect.

It got late but we weren’t done for the day, we wanted to explore!

We walked all the way from Central Park to Midtown, Garment District, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho, China Town and back up through Little Italy and Noho before arriving back up to the upper east side. 
If this didn’t deserve a cakey treat from ‘Crumbs’, I don’t know what would.
 Other than saving the world from poverty and all things evil, of course.
But we didn’t have time for that!

There’s nothing like Times Square at night…

…other than cocktails at night, ‘Woo Woo’.

We hitched a taxi back to the hotel and crashed, literally! 

Tired legs, tired heads.
Day 7

Leaving day 🙁

We grabbed last minute supplies, mooched around the vintage shops and got our nails shellacked at a crazayyyy nail bar downtown. 
What a trip!

A magical trip shared with a magical friend.
Until the next time…


B and J fabrics | NYC

February 14, 2013
As you can see, we spent the best part of 3 hours in the AWESOME B & J Fabrics on 7th Avenue. Home to a plethora of leading luxury fabrics, trims and finishes, it’s a no-brainer as to why this place is the industry favourite for top designers and couturiers!
It’s a family run company which is evident in the excellent service they provide. Any fabric maven will know it takes time and consideration when choosing your samples. Luckily, B & J Fabrics offer you 15 free swatches of your choice! Good sizes too, nothing like the 10p piece size you get down Shepherds Bush, because if that doesn’t make you want to scream, ‘I WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU AND GIVE YOU LOTS OF MONEY’, I don’t know what does. Sarcastic voice.
They ship internationally AND do a great deal for wholesalers.
A true must-visit for any fashion or textile nerd looking to add some more chunk to their fabric file. 
Fashion/Textile/Design students – get in touch, think final collection!

Find them at: B&J Fabrics, 2nd Floor,525 7th Avenue,(corner of 38th street)New York, NY, 10018 or eMail them at

‘Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.’
Tate Linden


February 12, 2013

We were feeling particularly rebellious on day 4, daring to try out an alternative diner instead of our ‘usual’ haunt, we walked a whole 2 blocks to find something new…
Kayleigh chose chocolate and banana pancakes whilst I opted for something a little more substantial, chocolate cheesecake. 
You cannot put a time of day on that shiz. 
Breakkie was demolished and we hit the road again. When you’re abroad, I think it’s really important to explore the ‘local’ everything. The local cafe, diner, corner shop, chinese take-out, pub etc. I also think the best way of experiencing life in a another country is to use their public transport. It feels real good to navigate yourself around this way rather than paying tons in taxi fares. 
Anyway, back to the story, we strolled for miles, taking in the skyscrapers and patriotic flags before jumping on the metro and heading over to Battery Park. 
It was a gorgeous day with not a cloud in the sky…
That was until we paid out for our Statue of Liberty Tour and just like rain on your Wedding day, the heavens opened!
It wasn’t just the weather that went wrong for us, we also managed to end up on Staten Island.
 That’s riiiiight.

The pair of us stood there attempting to discreetly remove our Liberty hats when the response to Kayleigh’s question, ” Why are we going past the statue?” ended in, “‘Cause we’re going over to Staten Island Ma’am, If you wanted the Statue, you got tha wrongggg boat!”

So that sums us up really, still, we got to admire Lady Liberty from afar. What are we like?

We were safely back on dry land just in time for a spot of retail therapy.
 I believe we spent about 2 hours in Victoria Secrets, by-passing the sexy undies and racing straight to the Yoga Panties. These not-so-sexy, neon peach-huggers are THE undies to don when working out. They have no VPL, are super soft and are designed to stay put; perfect for those of you who actually kept to your New Years Resolution of ‘getting fit’ (unlike us, oops.)
We then headed back to the hotel for a freshen up as that evening, I had a meeting with a very special lady from Dior…

(Died inside!)

Our informal meeting ended up inside the famous Trump Towers where myself, Miss Dior* and Kayleigh shared a few cheeky wines.  The three of us hitched a cab downtown and myself and Kayleigh carried our rendezvous on into the night, hitting the bars.  

That night was a blur of Key West Coolers and Mai Tais.
The best kind of blur. 
Day 5

Day 5 saw me working all day long at the NYFW shows, it was exhausting and totally amazing all at the same time. Did you know that in-between every show they repaint the runway white and use industrial hairdryers on poles to blow it dry? They also gaffer tape the sole of the models foots to the inside of the shoes to stop them flinging off mid-runway! There’s so much I could let out but I think it’s best that I stop there before I ruin the complete vision of glamour…

That evening, myself and Kayeligh met for a Chinese feast before swooping round the stores for a bit of late night shopping. Is this sounding like a males holiday from hell? I hope so, because it was a girls dream!

We ended up back in Times Square on the hunt for all things bright and beautiful…
We certainly met some characters…

We propped ourselves up against the bar at the Hard Rock Cafe for a sweet rehydration; que cocktails with a side order of glacé cherries!

We strolled back to the hotel for yet another outfit change before heading out to our very self-indulgent evening at The View , Marriott, Times Square.

There we were, sat 48 stories above the New York skyline, enjoying the ever-changing view thanks to the revolving floors. We turned a whole 360 degrees in just 1 hour!

          What an experience!