October 1, 2014
So I try to cut gluten out of my diet as much as possible which often means i’m yearning for a fat, four cheese pizza between 00:01am and 11:59pm everyday. But bored of ‘free from’ I was NOT on Sunday 17th Aug (making TBS a thing), as the supper club darls from The Camberwell Kitchen fed me tasty, gluten free delights in the shape of a 5 course meal. The first and last course being a cocktail – life mantra.
It went like this: Bloody Mary; Flourless caramelised banana pancakes served with Greek yoghurt and toasted almonds; Sweetcorn fritters with Flock & Herd treacle bacon (or halloumi for vegetarians), home-made ketchup, avocado mash, tomato salsa and carrot and beetroot slaw; Strawberry & basil ice-cream with balsamic macerated strawberries and Amaretto biscuit; elderflower prosecco. De-waitforit-lightful!

They held the affair in Brixton Village with an intimate setting of 14 randoms with one thing in common other than the table. Nay, not Instagram (although probably Instagram), but a hangover. And this my friends, was the parfait cure.

TCK’s next pop-up is on the 18th October, tickets soon available here!



March 3, 2014
Cheesy Fingers: smoked comte cheese, toast, jalapeños, pale ale, and beef dripping w/ sweet chilli chip.
Beef Leaves – Herefordshire beef, baby gem, chilli, ginger, coriander, cashew, spring onions and horseradish. 
Roast sirloin of Herefordshire beef, yorkshires, truffled roasties, greens, roast parsnips and gravy.
Mouse, Hazelnuts, Cake, Milkshake, Raspberry mint and biscuit. 

There’s genuinely no better way to spend a Sunday in London than heading over to The Dead Dolls House in Hoxton, to get fat and drunk with the boys from Checkon.
It’s £25 for four, bloody delicious courses with a smeeeeeashing atmosphere. Although, be warned, making friends with your table neighbours gets dangerous; tequila shots roll and sing-songs get freak-y…
The staff are always up for a proper good laugh and the food is worth ten times the price. 
I’d go EVERY week if I could.
Choose your meat and book! Rumour has it, they have a few tickets left!
Ello round 2…
CLUCK – 23rd March & 6th April
OINK – 13th April

P.S. Trade in your skinny jeans and rip off ya girdles, you’re gonna need stretch and lots of it. Enjoy piggies!



January 29, 2014
There I was, prancing around in my little frock, mentally rapping to Fergalicious’, ‘Glamorous’, giving it a bit of a hair toss and a slinky hip which FYI, didn’t work out. Not cute…

refraining from hop-scotching across the famous chess board floor in
my 5 inch heels, I finally made it in to Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy

What can I say, the wine was grrrreat. 

The food was (seriously) amazing too, made even more enjoyable with the fabulous, old school 1920’s surroundings. Oh the glamour and charm, with the rich mahogany wood and opulent chandeliers. 
I really didn’t deserve to be there…
We had ourselves a lovely little time, thanks Savoy babes, your hospitality was divine.
Treat your loved ones to a gift experience like I did for Mr A, you can’t go wrong! Check the options out, here
…oh the flossy, flossy.


January 8, 2014
AND on Sunday’s, we feast. And get drunk. 

Gorgonzola dolcelatte, walnut pesto, la saba.    
Urfa pepper quinoa, squash, tenderstem broccoli and herbed feta .
Affogato; vanilla ice cream with Caravan market espresso.    
Chocolate cheesecake, salted almonds & almond ice cream.
…if the fact that I had to unbutton my jeans after eating two main courses helps you with your decision to visit Caravan, I’m willing to publicise that.

My favourite place for a Sunday sesh.
Mean it!



December 5, 2013
It was quite literally a case of, straight to the bar, tequila, lemon, salt. 

Bread with olive Butter
Confit duck leg with green peppercorns, red wine and slow cooked duck egg
Lynbroke Grove smokes salmon, bagel, lemon, cream cheese, vodka, celery
Goosnargh chicken, macaroni, truffle, greens
Glenarm beef cheek, heritage carrot, pancetta, shallot, parsley, red wine
Cornflakes, honeycomb, raspberries, chocolate
Vanilla cream, mango, short bread
Gals were on a rampage and we wanted chicken with Checkon, and fast.
After circling Hoxton Square 2-3 times, we eventually came across the discreet door leading to the members only, Dead Dolls House, which sadly isn’t a S&M, Voodoo club hosted by Manson himself…
No, luckily for us we were greeted by a very dapper gent with an outstanding fro, who lead us straight through The Parlour, past the kitchen and onto the back bar which was dimly lit with smokin’ cocktails.
After an hour of schmoozing and talking about how the paper straws weren’t dissolving (we’re wild), a glass chinked and amongst the stampede, you could hear ‘Dinner is served’…
We hoisted ourselves up the rickety ladder and up to dining room to be greeted with long, candle lit banquet tables which were set against the eire, trompe l’oeil walls and suspended bulbs.
We slowly made our way through the 7 courses (and 700 bottles of wine, I don’t exaggerate), (maybe I do), which, for a fat food fanatic, was easy as pie and so bloody enjoyable. My ultimates were the green olive butter and the beef bourguignon which literally fell apart in my mouth. 

As my little brother says, I could have died and gone to Devon.

As hard as it was to be served by Hix’s protégé and a Burberry model, I soon relaxed…
Also, 7 courses for £35, OH HI-YER! 
Awesome night, cannot wait for the next one. 
Sign up to hear about what Checkon Presents have planned for us next, here & follow them here.
Also, try and visit Dead Dolls House, here, ’twas awesome. 


September 23, 2013
Date night was a bit of alright – Mr A was looking hot and we drank G&T’s out of plastic bags with fish shaped ice.

Off we went down to Butlers Wharf for the Blackout Banquet; celebrating our beautiful city in complete darkness…minus 56789 candles and the attention seeking lights of tower bridge, that is.
Juggling my plastic bag of gin in one hand and glass of wine in the other, we were seated along with 138 others at the main banquet table which lined the River Thames. 
We enjoyed a 3 course scorcher under the pitter patter of the Great British monsoon that was thrashing against the perspex cover.
It felt like sitting down to Christmas dinner with everyone mingling and clinking their glasses. 
All a bit Hogwarts.
 All a bit cute.
It reminded me of my favourite film, A Little Princess, when Sara and Becky imagined up an enchanted feast by candlelight.
A huge thank you Le Pont de La TourCantina del PonteBlueprint Café and Butler’s Wharf Chophouse for the incredible munch, it was SUCH a great night!
Hopefully next year we can catch it on a beautiful summers eve and chow down under London’s finest sunset.
To find out similar events, sign up to The Nudge where you’ll discover all things mighty and magical going on in London town. 


September 6, 2013
Last weekend we celebrated my cousins 21st with a very special afternoon tea at, The Wolseley.  

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Ooooh fancy, they let your type in there?!’, I too, was shocked!
I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman…minus the whole prostitute thing of course, *don’t worry mum.*
We were led through the vast, chandelier lit restaurant area (initially built in 1921 as a car salesroom) and up a spiral staircase in to our own private dining room which seated 14. The room was dome shamed with beautiful arch windows on each side, overlooking hundreds of champagne sipping, scone eating ladiez & gentz ov leisure.
Attempting to fit in, I slowly pecked on finger sarnies, delicate pastries and mouse size cakes, however when the scones came out, my ladylike visage melted away and before I knew it my face was smothered with clotted cream and there was jam everywhere
Gad, they were good.  
After 3 hours of sipping and chortling, we grabbed a taxi home to prep for the evenings fancy-dress-wild-one in Camden.
To those who follow me on instagram, could you guess the theme? (@soph_bh)
A huge thanks to The Wolseley for inviting us in to your world of prestige and glamour; the service was amaze. I’d also like to say a big well done to myself for not stacking it in what could have been the most inappropriate environment to do so; cue Beyoncé’s stair tumble flashback. 
Treat the special lady in your life to an arvo of luxury – prices start from £9.75 pp!