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Are skinny jeans out of fashion? Here’s a few alternative trouser cuts you should consider for 2016

March 20, 2016

Skinny jeans are great and for years, i’ve put all of my eggs into Topshop Jamie’s basket. However, last weekend, I tried about 20 alternative rotisserie doner huggers on, and left the changing rooms with my middle finger highly flung. Why is it that in any other style of skinny, I have to size up? Jamie’s full of nothing but false hope and elastane.

This realisation was made a little easier with the knowledge that skinnies are kinda finny. We all know there’s plenty of other cuts in the sea, but to me, Jamie equalled safety. Saying that, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Live laugh love etc. Here’s an example to make this emotionally difficult post a little easier for you.

Picture this. You’re at a hotel buffet *skip 5 minutes into the future* and you’ve eaten everything in fucking sight. The hotel staff have rolled you back to your room and plopped you in the bath; Greenpiece are on route to collect you. I respect you sis. Why have one cuisine when you can have zem all? WHY OWN ONE CUT OF TROUSER, WHEN YOU CAN OWN ZEM ALL.

See 2016’s preferred trouser cuts below, along with my favourite high street options.


Straight leg/cropped flare/mom jeans/boyfriend jeans (click the arrows below to see more options)


Wide leg pants/Palazzo pants/Flares


Cigarette trousers/tapered/peg

bettiazureculottes1dCulottes / ‘Awkward length trousers’

 Style wise, unless you’re happy to adopt the all over, slouchy silhouette – which is hot but can be tricky if you’re blessed with chest boulders – it’s time for role reversal. If the cut of your trourer is loose or baggy, go fitted on top to even out the proportions. Heels will of course lengthen yer, but 2016 was built for backless loafers and stumpy heeled ballet pumps.

Finally, kudos if the hems of your newly profound, wider leg jeans are frayed.

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March 1, 2015
Today marks the first day of spring which means you can burn all of your black garms and live like one would in the South of France i.e. in blue, white and breton stripes.
The sound of your goosebumps rising from your pasty arms is almost defining, agreeably it ain’t warm out he-ya. But that shouldn’t stop you from investing in your summer threads now – just layer everything (other than your bra) over a turtle neck and finish with a chunky knit and grey, cashmere socks if you’re a fancy prin.
Double denim is still your friend (unlike green juice, the gym and any other new year res), just vary the hue so you don’t look like an extra from Biker Grove.
What to tell your bank: New season, new wardrobe (hair toss)
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February 11, 2015

Hallmark holidays are there to lol at, until you get dumped for gifting a jar of Mayo, that is.
Her face will drop when you give the whole, ‘you said you didn’t want anything’ spiel, and you’re forced to wrap your nearest condiment in a silk bow and smile forgivingly.
Next day delivery was invented to protect your FB relationship status – there’s still time! 
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February 4, 2015

Mr A finally caved into this Grandad collar which I adore! He said he feels like a vicar which is funny, because if this was how vicars looked in general, i’d go hang at the holy house every Sunday…
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P.S. Heels and skirt are both Zara but have now SOLD OUT
P.P.S Humidity is a cruel thing
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January 31, 2015

Rain, rain, you’re dull and irritating. Like sponge without buttercream and the word ‘bae’, which should stand for ‘bacon and eggs’ and that’s about it. Though I can’t be mad atchya, because you allow me to lay in bed at 2pm watching The Talented Mr. Ripley without fomo. 

Here’s a liddle day look from Mexico – there’s no better cover-up than your boys shirt. 

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January 10, 2015

1pm – I trotted on down to the Y.M.C AW15 show at the Old Sorting Office which was of course the perfect industrial location for the hardy, utility vibes that You Must Create are known for.  Another handsome, normcore collection of heard wearing workwear silhouettes and straight up lad garms with a heavy focus on forest green, midnight blue and Paddington yellah.
Y.M.C’s focus has always been on lifestyle rather than the ‘fash lyf’ – there’s no shock factors here, just honest, clean cuts for everyday, luxe living. 
Oh, ain’t it ‘andsome. 

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December 6, 2014
Your American father, minus the speedos.