Copenhagen : Nørrebro | Superkilen Red Square

July 14, 2015

bettiazurepinkandred bettiazurepretty bettiazurecnørrebro

bettiazureredwallcopenhagen betiazurecolourful bettiazurecopenhagenpark

bettiazurekswiss bettiazureredandpink bettiazurepinkred bettiazurepinkparkpark IMG_0298edEeeere we are playing in The Red Square in Superkilen park, watching the pale pink and orange rubber floors turn angry Barbie in the rain whilst we clamber like chubby toddlers on Absinthe over the urban furniture. Everything you see was collected by five groups commissioned by  City of Copenhagen and RealDania – they were sent to Palestine, Spain, Thailand, Texas and Jamaica in order to acquire five specific objects which have now all been installed for anyone and everyone to enjoy. There’s more than 100 different object encountered from more than 50 different countries so we thought we’d try and leave our friend Sarah there as a gift from London, but the swine followed us home…

I’ve left versions of the gals outfits under their photos for anyone interested! All over the iron-on initials on LTs bomber, get ’em here.