5 Years

November 3, 2012
So recently it was mine and Mr A’s 5 year anniversary! I KNOW! CRAY-zay.
 We had the best day celebrating, kicking off with the arrival of a beautiful bouquet of red roses which now sit proudly next to Mr Buddha and his chic fur collar. He likes to show off.
 Please excuse the photo quality, the iPhone upstaged the Canon when it came to bag choice. Sozza. 
My boy is THE best at suprises and planned the most romantic evening… I won’t make you gag but he kinda is amazing.
We jumped into a taxi which took us to The Ivy where I spent most of the time drooling over the cocktail menu and the woman dripping in diamonds weightier than their Botox. This place was incredible and had such a relaxed atmosphere, no snobbery or diva fits. Winning!
I devoured a chicken, pumpkin and sweet potato masterpiece…
…whilst Mr A delicatley tucked into his Salmon fish cake. This is very exotic for him , appreciate the fact this plate has greenery on it, it’s a rarity. 
A side of delicious parmesan battered courgettes with sweet salsa dip were gone in seconds

For desert we shared a messy melting piece of chocolatey food porn which didn’t hang around long enough for a photo…says it all. 
With a full stomach and a slightly fuzzy eyes, we strolled round the corner to the Theatre Royale on Drury Lane to watch the hilariouuuuus ‘Shrek The Musical’.  We started off in the rather posh champagne bar to grab a drink before taking our seats. The cheeky inuendos made the whole show equally as entertaining for the adults as it did the children. 

Our cheeks ached from all the laughing, mega brownie points to the fella who played Lord Farquaad – Hilar!


As the curtain fell, I thought it was home time and felt so merrily content with the evenings celebrations. 
But, Oh no, how wrong I was. Little did I know we had cocktails waiting for us at outrageously 007-esk Beaufort Bar in The MotherF****** Savoy! Yeeeeeee Boy!

 We waltzed through the gold clad rooms, previously enjoyed by the likes of Sir Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Maria Callas, Claude Monet and Katharine Hepburn. I was literally bewildered by the whole thing and felt like cinder-bloody-rella.

Picture below: http://www.fairmont.com/savoy-london/
This place is world famous, built for the great, famous and successful ones amongst us, not for me and Mr A with our split ends and Primarni garms. 
Saying that, the staff made us feel so welcome and couldn’t have been better hosts. A lovely hostess saved us a table at the front next to the grand piano to enjoy the awesome live cabaret. A wonderful Mumma Gaga type entertainer sang classics to us whilst we sipped the bubbles away in crystal that probably costs more than all our belongings combined. Awkward. 
The Beaufort bar offers the widest choice of champagne by the glass so we thought we’d make our way through them, until we saw the price, that is. The hostess recommend this outrageous one above and I took her word for it and ordered away. My blush pink bubbles came with the flower of lurrrve sat in rose water which oozed that pricey spa smell which nearly had me nodding off. Amaze. 
The interior was dark and very low lit which created the most expensive and mysterious environment.

Ahhhh, and here she is, Mrs Cabaret herself! She was a wonderfully quirky thing who definitely showed signs of being a wild cat in her youth. She had a freaking louboutin stuck to her top hat and had all the men gawping. Oh the power of confidence. 
Gold leaf and luxurouis leather

Picture below: http://www.fairmont.com/savoy-london/

The night sadly came to and end so we hopped in a cab, snuggled up and reminisced over our favourite memories from the most incredible 5 years together. 

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