February 15, 2013
As you know, we spent a hell of a lot of time fabric shopping on day 6, but we also got to take in some fabulous sites in-between rummaging…

When the sun went down, we headed over to Central Park for a little stroll…

Our stroll inevitably ended up in the most incredible session of ice skating, ever! Move over Torvill and Dean, who are ya!?
It was mind blowing though, glittering sky scrapers, streets lined with fairy lights and the clearest of skies. 
It was perfect.

It got late but we weren’t done for the day, we wanted to explore!

We walked all the way from Central Park to Midtown, Garment District, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho, China Town and back up through Little Italy and Noho before arriving back up to the upper east side. 
If this didn’t deserve a cakey treat from ‘Crumbs’, I don’t know what would.
 Other than saving the world from poverty and all things evil, of course.
But we didn’t have time for that!

There’s nothing like Times Square at night…

…other than cocktails at night, ‘Woo Woo’.

We hitched a taxi back to the hotel and crashed, literally! 

Tired legs, tired heads.
Day 7

Leaving day 🙁

We grabbed last minute supplies, mooched around the vintage shops and got our nails shellacked at a crazayyyy nail bar downtown. 
What a trip!

A magical trip shared with a magical friend.
Until the next time…

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