June 12, 2013

…and this is why I love this city!
We hit up Street Feast in Hoxton for an all day sesh of live music, banging food and pint size Mojitos. I urge you to check out their website for up and coming events because the whole day was insane! Checkout the vid here & here …See? Told ya so. 
Things got pretty crazy and so did the people; kudos to the lion man & the feller with enviable flexibility above…
We left at 9ish and headed for Strongroom Beer Festival in Shoreditch where the rest of the night became a blur of laser lights and Australians.  
In the early AM we headed over to Hackney for a bit of London Fields loving with a pinch of JD and come 5am we were slurping curry from takeaway tubs…
You have my heart. 

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