October 9, 2012
A little while ago, me and my friends went to see what all the fuss was about over at Bluebird, Chelsea. The local celeb hang out on Kings Road isn’t overly hyped nor exaggerated, just blooming scrumptious! I’d even go as far to say this was the tastiest food I think I have ever had – and I have eaten ALOT of food. No rumours, no false pretences, just fabulous British grub. Say Mmmmmm.
The staff were charming and attended to our every need, but be careful, they hear EVERYTHIHNG. The single mention of another drink is amended seconds later when the waiter brings you over a wine to taste – pure trauma for the bank but so god damn good on the buds!

You can tell that head chef, Mark Block, sources all his products locally from local farmers and sustainable producers as I’ve never tasted such clean tasting food; if that even makes sense? No residue or fatty oils left over, just pure heaven!

For such a prestigious restaurant within an incredibly affluent area, we didn’t feel at all out of place. In fact, the staff made us feel like royalty and the atmosphere was fun, vibrant and stylish.

Drinking the ultimate cocktail: ‘Miss Monroe’ 
(ladies you will DIE – unreal)

Me (left) and my gorgeous friend Kayleigh

 Wear maternity trousers – skinny jeans are too small for portions this size.
Check out their Food Store & Wine Cellar along with the chic Cafe & Courtyard where you’ll see many familiar faces sipping the afternoons away.
 Try not to cry yourself to sleep after it’s all over.

Book in advance to avoid total dissapointment and belly anger. Visit the website, here or phone
020 7559 1000

Make a day of it and have a mooch along the kings road before you feast! Check out the official website, here.


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