December 5, 2013
It was quite literally a case of, straight to the bar, tequila, lemon, salt. 

Bread with olive Butter
Confit duck leg with green peppercorns, red wine and slow cooked duck egg
Lynbroke Grove smokes salmon, bagel, lemon, cream cheese, vodka, celery
Goosnargh chicken, macaroni, truffle, greens
Glenarm beef cheek, heritage carrot, pancetta, shallot, parsley, red wine
Cornflakes, honeycomb, raspberries, chocolate
Vanilla cream, mango, short bread
Gals were on a rampage and we wanted chicken with Checkon, and fast.
After circling Hoxton Square 2-3 times, we eventually came across the discreet door leading to the members only, Dead Dolls House, which sadly isn’t a S&M, Voodoo club hosted by Manson himself…
No, luckily for us we were greeted by a very dapper gent with an outstanding fro, who lead us straight through The Parlour, past the kitchen and onto the back bar which was dimly lit with smokin’ cocktails.
After an hour of schmoozing and talking about how the paper straws weren’t dissolving (we’re wild), a glass chinked and amongst the stampede, you could hear ‘Dinner is served’…
We hoisted ourselves up the rickety ladder and up to dining room to be greeted with long, candle lit banquet tables which were set against the eire, trompe l’oeil walls and suspended bulbs.
We slowly made our way through the 7 courses (and 700 bottles of wine, I don’t exaggerate), (maybe I do), which, for a fat food fanatic, was easy as pie and so bloody enjoyable. My ultimates were the green olive butter and the beef bourguignon which literally fell apart in my mouth. 

As my little brother says, I could have died and gone to Devon.

As hard as it was to be served by Hix’s protégé and a Burberry model, I soon relaxed…
Also, 7 courses for £35, OH HI-YER! 
Awesome night, cannot wait for the next one. 
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Also, try and visit Dead Dolls House, here, ’twas awesome. 

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