August 23, 2013
Burn book, cleavage and “the ugliest damn skirt you’ve ever seen” where out loud and proud at the Mean Girls Film 4 Summer screen at Somerset House – London.

With a meat and cheese drunk picnic in tow, we spread ourselves down on blankets and pillows ready for the ultimate film-fest. 

Of course, there was wine.
 Wine in our glass, wine in the box, wine all over my breasts. YES, that’s right, some numpty accidentally club-footed a whole pint of it over me right at the beginning of the eve. Things got chilly, but as soon as I heard Janet scream ‘Ya mums chest hair’, all was good again in the world. 

It was BYOB but they also had a bar and an awesome DJ who would fire up in-between films. 

There’s nothing like watching a film under the stars…

Grab your snuggle buddy and get on dowwwwwwn.

See for yourself, there’s plenty more screenings:
For the expressionist: Hot Tub Cinema
For the water lover: The Floating Cinema
For the lover of lovers: Try Luna Cinema & The Nomad

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