October 1, 2014
So I try to cut gluten out of my diet as much as possible which often means i’m yearning for a fat, four cheese pizza between 00:01am and 11:59pm everyday. But bored of ‘free from’ I was NOT on Sunday 17th Aug (making TBS a thing), as the supper club darls from The Camberwell Kitchen fed me tasty, gluten free delights in the shape of a 5 course meal. The first and last course being a cocktail – life mantra.
It went like this: Bloody Mary; Flourless caramelised banana pancakes served with Greek yoghurt and toasted almonds; Sweetcorn fritters with Flock & Herd treacle bacon (or halloumi for vegetarians), home-made ketchup, avocado mash, tomato salsa and carrot and beetroot slaw; Strawberry & basil ice-cream with balsamic macerated strawberries and Amaretto biscuit; elderflower prosecco. De-waitforit-lightful!

They held the affair in Brixton Village with an intimate setting of 14 randoms with one thing in common other than the table. Nay, not Instagram (although probably Instagram), but a hangover. And this my friends, was the parfait cure.

TCK’s next pop-up is on the 18th October, tickets soon available here!

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