December 30, 2012

Christmas was brief this year. I only had a couple of days off work but those couple of days were just perfect.

Our festive tradition starts on Christmas Eve where the whole fam congregates for a festive film. My choice is always ‘Elf’ whilst Dad demands ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. This year, we both won! But next year please remind me to watch Elf after It’s A Wonderful Life. The comedy should hopefully then save my brain dead mood from a 2.5 hour black & white film. The movie is cute but my gadddddd must it be so long? 

In the evening we head down to our local little village, Botley and have a gigantic curry feast with Mr A’s family. The rents then go home to wait for Santa whilst us youngsters hit up the pubs for BBB (big botley beers.)
 This. Is. Religion.

We stumble home around midnight, accidentally eat the food left out for Santa (sorry big man, you know what the drunk munchies are like) & head up to bed. This year, like magic, the little twerps had dragged a double mattress in to my room and like every year, us 4 siblings had a sleepover.
Before you say it, yes, some might say we are too old for this, but ah heck, we have to entertain the little ones.
 Ok, that was a lie, me and my elder bro (who is 23 btw) are the real driving force behind this idea, the little ones go along with it to please us. I remember when we used to drag their cots in!

When morning arrives, all 6 of us + the two pups manage to squeeze into the rents bed ready to open our stockings, which FYI, you are never too old for.

 The little ones (that actually aren’t little anymore *weep*) open up sweets and games. This year, amongst sweeties and cute girly stuff, I genuinely got a box of tampons and vitamin tablets …
 A)Why the hell did I have to grow up? B) Is Mum for real? 
C) Handy though, saves me the dollar… 

Once the stockings are done, we charge downstairs and wait like excited puppies whilst my OCD/control freak/anal brother creates individual piles of everyones goodies. Surprisingly, he manages to resist putting said presents into size, colour and barcode order…
 Note the pup absolutely clueless of her surroundings, cute. 
Mr A. usually rolls up just as we’re finishing up around 10ish. This is meggggga good timing for me as 1)It gets me out of tidying up and 2)MORE PRESENTS!
The boy did good as per and produced these beautiful little L.A.M.B loves in a gorgeous oxblood! However, he did make a massive school boy error and ordered a US 6 rather than a UK 6. So there was me trying to stuff my podgy little porkers into these blissful shoes thinking that i’d put on way more festive weight than I had first anticipated. 
It appears that I was a very good girl this year and received some gorgeous things!
 from top left to bottom right.
Haute Hippie Feather Gilet (SOLD OUT)- eBay Steal!RRP £650! Say whatttt? Not for this bargain queen.
Essie Nail Colours in Action, Butler Please & Walk Down The Isle
L.A.M.B Oxley Leather Pumps
Topshop Leigh Black Jeans – My everyday staple
Aesop Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser
Celine Tee by REASON from Browns Fashion (SOLD OUT)- Love a bit of fashion mockery!
The little bro (who is actually a giant aged 11) is the class joker. He is highly inappropriate and fearless so when I saw this hideous leopard print onesie with fluro pink detailing, I knew his present was sorted. 
Once the pressies are over – sad face – we get ready for lunch, welcome the oldies in and have a drink or 8.
Dad makes a cute speech which he tends to get mocked for, then dinner is served.
I tend to try and help Mum in the kitchen but you know how territorial Mums get when it comes to Christmas dinner. You think Ramseys hardcore, you ain’t seen nothing! Thank you Mum for being so regimental in the dinner process, it was bloody beautiful and i’m sure your burns will heal and the children will soon forget the swear words.

This year, I was on the hunt for scraps to make a little centre piece. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Next year i’m going all out, i’m thinking of a hogwarts theme with levitating candles and maybe even real life Wizards. It’s important to create the right ambience, you know?
The day is occupied by more food, then more food then a few games and then over to Mr A’s family to repeat the whole process. Good job i’m no mouse when it comes to food – pile it on & leave me to suffer with the consequence i.e food coma, breathing difficulties and a restless carb nap.

Just when you think you can’t eat anymore, Boxing day arrives. We drove 4 hours up to my Dad’s house for a fizz filled day with my other fam. The food was immense (perks of living next to a farm) and the company was lovely as always. We’d normally stay for a couple of days but unfortunately I had to drive back to London that evening for work the next day. Some of you may be confused that i’ve spoken about 2 Dads – ones my birth dad and the other is my step Dad. FYI I hate the word ‘step’ and refuse to use it – they’re both my ‘Dad, in the non-homosexual way that is 😉

How did everyone else spend their Christmas? To those of you who got to celebrate either in the snow or on a beach, I am not jealous. At all. 

Maybe a little.

I hope all my readers had a lovely festive time and ate and drank wayyyyyy more than physically possible. 
Londoners – is anyone else finding the city so eerie, I’m actually getting a seat on the tube! Nice, but, weird? 
Happy Memories to end the year.

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