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July 16, 2015

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This be the candy coloured toy town of Nyhavn, you should probably absolutely definitely go there some time. Slurp on a cold Aperol Spritz along the canal or if you want to make pals, avoid the tourist trap bars and BYOB to the streets like the locals. There’s BBQs, benches and picnic patches on just about every corner. Man the Danish folk nail al-fresco living.

We continued our yonder to Torvehallerne food market which has over 60 food stalls. Here we ate, drank and got in an argument about reality TV and global warming (?), before heading to the Meatpacking district in Vesterbro for Cherry Wine with the lads. Dinner was served at Madklubben which was p.e.n.g.

The grate Danes, despite their nauseating good looks and effortless minimalism made us try hard, bronzer heavy gals feel so welcome. They have a fairer work life balance and a zest for every topic.


I’m moving there. Can I?


(Big fan of your work guys, clearly.)


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