February 11, 2013


This past Thursday saw the start of NYFW‘s Autumn/Winter 2013-14 shows. Now, I know this is no big news, as it appears the whole world is reading, blogging and live streaming the whole shebang!

This got me thinking, what better time to re-cap on my amazing week this time last year!? I was incredibly fortunate to be working at New York Fashion Week, assisting with the runway set-up, greeting A-list guests, attending some awesome events and most importantly, dressing the runway models in the most incredible clothes before the rest of the world got to fall in love with them…

Me and my dearest friend Kayleigh arrived in NYC on the 6th Feb at around 4pm. We got to our upper east-side hotel, dropped our bags off and took a yellow cab straight to the Lincoln Centre for the NYFW Workers Initiation Evening.
It wasn’t until that very moment, when the entire room applauded the directors that it all sank in. I, Sophie Bailey-Hine, am working at New York FREAKING Fashion Week!!! The very place that the ten year old me dreamed of!

We met some lovely people at the initiation and in true American style, went straight out to dinner with them! The Americans are nothing like us Brits when it comes to newbies. They are refreshingly ballsy. We quite enjoy sticking to what we know, those familiar faces and familiar places. But to them, this is the norm, and I must say it’s a very cool way of living!
We crossed over to the legendary Mexican ‘Rosa Mexicano’ next to the Lincoln Centre, which FYI, if you’re making a trip to NYC soon, you HAVE to check out!
Our waiter made fresh Guacamole en Molcajete at our table (from scratch I might add!), while we awaited our mains. We got tons of exotic dishes and shared the lot out between us, more flavours for your buck!

The cocktails were rolling along, with the ‘I love your accent!’ talks and within 6 hours of landing, we’d unpacked, been to the NYFW welcoming, made new friends, ate a Mexican and got drunk. We should have known from that very point, that the whole week was going to be all go!
Just like in the movies, we headed to a cute little diner right near our hotel for breakfast pancakes, milkshakes and huge glasses of never-ending cola.
All fired up, we headed for the sites.

This was my second trip to the big apple, but it was Kayleigh’s first which made it all the more exciting. There is nothing like experiencing this place for the first time. In fact, I don’t think Kay spoke for about 10 minutes, this is unheard of! This place is truly everything you dream of, and more.
Understandably, it all got a bit too much for Kay and it was best she had a little sit down. As you can imagine, the safest place was a shoe shop…
You guessed it, she snapped these little Jeffries up within minutes. Killer heels, in the literal sense!

We traipsed back to Times Square, heading straight to the Box Office, in search of two tickets to a Broadway Show. We weren’t hanging around, we wanted a pair for that very evening and luckily, we managed to get the last two tickets!
Pretzel and soda stop-off!

We walked for miles and miles until refuelling in a cocktail bar,  sheltering from the potential shops that were calling our names. We slurped away until 10pm before hauling a taxi to the bright lights of Broadway! We saw ‘Wicked’, which was even more amazing and corny in a American accent! Awesome.
We ambled back to the hotel, by-passing a few water holes on the way and off to bed we went.

You guessed it, we ended up back in the diner before the clock struck 9am.

“Same again?” the waiter asked.
This went on all week, and yes, one morning I did have the Lasagne for breakfast and yes, it was incredible! I HEART NYC!
I was working on a few shows that day, so we enjoyed brekkie together before Kay headed off for a spot of sight seeing.
Please reference the above picture, an image of peace and tranquillity.
Now look below, there I was, rushing around backstage dressing the models for the catwalk, assigning buyers, press, designers & celebs to their seats, helping to assist the production team and trying not to pass out with awe at the same time. 
Multitasker ☑

Within 5 minutes of the doors being prised open, the whole venue was packed, the lights were dimmed and the music blared. 6 foot somethings glided down the catwalk, cameras flashed and notes were taken.
6 months’ worth of blood, sweat and tears, all revealed in a maximum of 20 minutes.
Chaotic paradise.

I worked 3 shows back to back that day and still managed to get out before sunset. I met Kay on Fashion Avenue for a spot of museum and exhibition perving.
In true David Attenbourough fashion, we explored our new found territory to the fullest, accidentally ending up in the FIT head quarters…
The perks of travelling with a blagger 😉
My stubborn side went wild as I read the sign reading ‘No Photography’. This is like bringing a kid into a sweet shop and hanging a sign reading ‘No Sweets’. It’s fraud, surely! We soon found ourselves surrounded by some of this centuries’ most infamous gowns from the top couturiers. Jaws were dropping.
We spent hours sketching, reading, admiring and dreaming, before heading over to the East Village for the infamous LIT Lounge, recognised as the centre of the counter-culture scene in NYC…apparently.
This is a notorious hangout for industry Kings, Queens, celebs and fashion bloggers. However, we were more interested in the cocktail menu, which ended up being quite………messy.
Later that night, we strolled down to the Cake Shop on Ludlow Street for some sofa boozing. This place was like stepping back in to the 70’s with a strong DIY aesthetic. Boxes full of vinyl line the walkways, retro prints were hung from the walls and miss-match furniture ruled the house. Admittedly, it was a bit of a ‘Hipster hangout’, but the place was crammed with music lovers, who flock there 7 nights a week to this premier independent music venue to enjoy the latest, breaking talent. It acts like a cute café, with baked goods, hot brews and a relaxed vibe, but also offers a cracking drinks menu which is really affordable!

We kept going until the next morning before finally collapsing in to bed. If you could call it a bed that this! It was like a scene out of Stepbrothers with two grown up drunks clambering onto crooked old bunk beds. 

Oh the glamorous life…

p.s. Sorry there’s no photos of the shows, there was a very strict NO PHOTO rule for us workers!

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