Paris – @ Le Social Club Paris

October 24, 2012
We were so psyched to hit the infamous electro hangout ‘Le Social Club’ in the heart of the city. It’s not advertised as such, it’s a kinda ‘in the know’ sorta place. This place is SO easy to miss – you’ll find it subtly camouflaged with a big black, windowless exterior, perched on a corner just off the main strip of Montmartre (142 RUE MONTMARTRE)


The clubs interior is very ‘abandoned warehouse chic’ with a raw and distressed vibe. 
Photo from www.lesitedelevenementiel.com

Rubix cube seating area and stages
Photo from www.lesitedelevenementiel.com

Photo from www.parissocialclub.com

and plenty of girls, girls, girls AND of course a token randomer found centrally below…

Official photo from www.parissocialclub.com

Official photo from www.parissocialclub.com

Official photo from www.parissocialclub.com

We had SO much fun.

We didn’t emerge until 7 am the next morning and teetered on our tired feet to the metro station, waiting impatiently for it to open. It didn’t take long to initially sober up though, being -10 degrees n’all…


 We were on such a high, I remember we sang Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ the entiiiiiire journey home. There is a legendary video of this somewhere but I just can’t find it! Hopefully this resurfaces when I’m in my mid 50’s to remind me of the madness of my youth and to prove to my kids that I haven’t always been boring and into early nights and coupon collecting.

Definitely worth a visit if you want a wild one in the city of love.

I couldn’t find an official video for the club, I did however stumble across this brilliantly eccentric one on youtube…worth a watch and features the club nicely. 

A special thank you to the gorgeous Chloe Draper for letting me use some of her photos.

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