February 16, 2014
If we do the unthinkable, would it make us look crazy?

As a kid, the end of the six week holidays would be enough to make me vom with sadness, but luckily Mum always had my back. After all, she taught me how to instantly flip negatives into positives. This could only mean one thing…
A trip to WHSmith. 
 There i’d be, sat like a pig in shit on my bed, my eyes feasting over all my sexy new STATIONERY.  No ones touching these i’d say. NO.ONE. I’d go through and sharpen all of my new pencils which would of course co-ordinate perfectly with my new pens, pencil case, ruler and compass; naturally purchased to engrave SBH + WOT into the edge of any table which dared confront me.
Why get that fugly white school ruler when you could get a glittery, shiny, magical, thermal one which changed colour when you touched it!?!? SOLD! I die. I feel like a unicorn just thinking about it. 
I treated myself to a new, pink yoga mat in the month of January, which FYI is still to be used as an actual yoga mat. Oh, I slept on it when drunk actually, if that counts for anything. This purchase flicked a pink switch inside of me. I went on to spoil myself with a handsome pink Smythson ‘Make It Happen’ notebook along with the most perfect, Princess pink Aspinal Of London diary. The pink theme continues as I plan on buying these snobby b*tches on payday. 
Long are the days of writing To-Do lists on my iPhone notes, ticking them off with a ‘thumb up’, ‘thumb down’ emoticon. Nah, I’m a grown up now, and I use a real life pen and write tingz in a real life diary.

Love you, stationary. Thanks for brightening up my desk and filling that wannabe organised void in my heart. 
P.S. What beautiful flowers , I hear you say! I photographed them last week for the Browns Fashion Blog; created by By Appointment Only and purchased by very dapper men just in time for the big V day. 

Other pink things that are making me go, Oooh!


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