February 6, 2014

Dug out mums 10 year old juicer didn’t I. 

…I’m officially addicted.
You will be too! Here’s some yummy ideas to get you started…
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lemon – lime – apple x 2 – 1/2 cucumber – mint leaves – 1″ ginger
Lemon – superfood; aids weightloss; prevents kidney stones; anti-cancer properties; tastes so good it makes ya eyes wince. 
Lime – Rejuvenates skin; perfect with vodka and lime; has anti-inflammatory purposes – dissolves uric acid (which helps lower the pain for arthritis/joint pain sufferers.) 
Strawberries – apple x 1 – lime x 1
Apples – Too many benefits to list, read here or just trust me when I say you need these bad bitches in your life. 
Cucumber – Rehydrates body and replenishes daily vitamins; eliminate toxins; turns you into a princess and gives you angel wings.(Tried to liven it up, cucumber facts weren’t overly exciting.)
1 x orange – 1″ ginger – 2 x carrots – 2 x apples
Ginger – Therapeutic properties; antioxidant effects; anti-inflammatory; warming; gives you crazzzzy energy; reduces flactuants (which obviously doesn’t apply to girls, as girls DO NOT do that, ever.)
Mint – Effective remedy for nausea; makes your breath less offensive/deadly/grotesque/gopping; naturally soothing – good for headaches / stomachaches; relief for respiratory disorders; excellent skin cleanser… I could go on. 
Who knew it did anything other than relish a Mojito? 

4 x carrots – cup of strawbs – mint leaves
Strawberries – boosts immunity; promotes eye health; helps fight cancer; keeps wrinkles at bay… yehhhh, now you’re interested! Vit C is vital to the production of collagen!
Carrot – Improved vision (your parents weren’t lying); Anti-Ageing: high level of beta-carotene helps slows down the ageing of cells (WINNING); helps to prevent heart disease & strokes; flushes out toxins; makes your skin glow. 
So, BAY-SICK-LEE, eat your fruit and veg ya pigs – look at all those reasons why!
Fruit can be high in sugar, but it’s natural sugar! Refined sugar (found in all things admittedly, yummy) contains absolutely no nutritional elements at all. I KNOW, life would be dull without treats, who doesn’t love a good carb coma and sugar sweat. 
Boss life for 80% of your time and indulge yourself for the remaining 20%: 21 meals per week: 80/20 = 17 healthy meals & 3 treat meals over the week.
*Each recipe will make roughly 1  pint of juice – Mr A & I share this into two smaller glasses w/ ice.  

**Opt for Organic fruit, it’s more expensive but is ten times more effective as it isn’t bathed in preservatives or chemicals!

***Not an alternative to food, have it as well as your 3 healthy meals.

****It tends to be more affordable to stick to one juice recipe a week; little wastage and less pieces to spend out on! Always good to switch it up if you can for more of a balanced diet. 

*****Support local businesses & buy from your local farm shops / food market.

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