Paris – Day 2

October 18, 2012
After an awesome night, we woke up reasonably early, fuelled up on these gorgeous macaroons and hit the sites. Salad Dodger I certainly am, proud and loud. It is NEVER too early for cakey treats.

We took the metro from our hotel heading towards the Eiffel Tower and decided to get off half way. We strolled the rest, through the beautiful, dwindling backstreets to get a real feel for Parisian living. I spent most of my time looking up, dreaming about living in one of the chalky, shutter clad apartments set idyllically above fresh bakeries and cute boutiques. Imagining waking up every morning to the sweet smell of hot pastries and warm breads. I’d hear them whisper ‘Sophie. Sopppphie. Come down and eat meeee’, and of course I’d oblige. Everyday. If Sex & the City did Paris, it would look like this… 
…and yes, this fluffy little prince donned a Burberry bow tie. Even the dogs put you to shame in this city.

We eventually reached destination: picture perfect. I’ve visited the Eiffel Tower a few times before, but the sheer size, powerful ora of history and powerful energy gets you every time. You can’t help but to be sucked into the true romance that Paris exudes. Us girls had a snuggle before exploring the vast grounds beneath. The lovers playground.
Me (left) & Holly
Holly and Char perfecting the obligatory tourist shot of holding the tip of the tower, kinda wish I could show you the outcome…

Kayleigh and Char decided to go up to the viewing point which costs about €12. This is certainly a must do as you get the most exquisite views over Paris and tend to feel a little smug to be experiencing the iconic structure first hand. If you want to feel even smugger, splash your cash on one of the following 3 wine & dine options: 
I’d choose 58 Tour Eiffel (1st Floor, Chic Brasserie) for friends & family
Here, J/LeJulesVerne ( 2nd floor, Grand Cuisine) to share with your lover
and the Champagne Bar (at the top!) for fun with the girls
 Me and Holly had already done this previously so we opted for a long stroll around the circuit. It took us over and around the River Seine, up to the jardins du trocadero fountains (which is probably the most picturesque way to view the tower) and to the stunning esplanade du trocadero.

I wonder who these two are?

When we all met back up, it was time to feast, so we headed to a lovely cafe/resturant on the corner of the photo below. If anyone can tell me the name of this place you will get major brownie points!

The interior is very french chic and has wonderful mapped ceilings and the best hot chocolate.

Garlic snails, the ultimate French delicate.

Time was getting on a bit and after hours of walking in the fa-reeeeezing cold, we called it a day and made our way home to prep for the evening agenda. I’m going to designate a whole post too this, it was THAT good.
P.S, Hi Kate!

Metro life – don’t be afraid to use the public transport when you  travel abroad. It is easy to use, well sign posted and the cheapest way to get around. Plus, you get a more realistic feeling of the the place.

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