November 17, 2013
Favourite cake babes, Bea’s of Bloomsbury,recently held another one of their popular Movie Nights under Arch 76, Maltby Street Market (nr. London bridge.) So, me and the girls went along for some full blown American lovin’.

They only went and played the ultimate hair tossing, wardrobe envying,  pout-manic, 90’s favourite…Clueless!
Cher, Dionne and whole lotta power of persuasion.
Bea’s served up State favourites for the occasion: Crispy Mac & Cheese, Chilli Cheese Dawgs, Blondies, Cupcakes, Duffins and even Deep Fried Brownie. Eat clean yeah. 
We sunk into the, let’s say, petite camping chairs, balancing our laps full of food whilst meticulously juggling our glass of vino ready for the film to start rolling.
You can chill, chow, guzzle and make as much noise as you want whilst you kick back and watch your favourite movie. Kind of like chilling at your grandmas house, should she live in a warehouse, that is…  

Usually, confession time, I do tend to plan deaths when I spot the rustle crew at the cinema – when will people learn to open the bloody treat bag before the start of the movie, leaving enough hand room for easy grazing access, which doesn’t require you to touch the sides of the bag and create RUSTLENESS. Woosah.

Anyway, the sociable, boozy atmosphere was calm and snug, the tubes running overhead made you feel safe and hidden and the carb haven sends you into a smug little comer.

Oh whatever, we have at least 8 months until we have to even say the word.
Said it. Still don’t care. 
Nostalgic fun! Get involved:
Pulp Fiction – 26th Nov
Home Alone – 3rd Dec
It’s a Wonderful World – 10th Dec
Elf – 17th Dec
Did I mention, it’s only a fiver?
“Your man Christian is a cake boy!” – Cher Horowitz

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