April 22, 2013
Filling the flat with daffodils and listening to this, NON. STOP.
Finally checked out Burger & Lobster, Mayfair. Go!
Sibling’s day out at Thorpe Park.
I was hungover, I hate rides AND it was snowing, other than that, awesome day! 
Prancing around in the outrageously beautiful designs by Kimberly McDonald at work. 
Geodes AND diamonds!? Holy shit.
Fell in love with Beach Blanket Babylon Shoreditch! Pornstar Martini, you cheeky thang! 
Boys, the perfect place to wine and dine your lady.
 Ladies, give your LBD a flirtatious break from the wardrobe…
We celebrated Mr A’s Birthday at The Kings Arms Pub, Chelsea followed by pizza at the New York-Italian, Goat Chelsea
If you’re extra well behaved, you may be invited to their secret bar. I *pray* for you! Wink, wink. 
Walking to work in the sunshine…
If only my headphones covered the sound of the chafing. Chub. Rub.
Noise cancellation? Yeh right 😉
Byron | Whitelys Waffle pop-up | Everbean | Ice Creaaaaam
The ultimate diet for one impeccable summer bod, thank me later…
Humms Bros | The Diner | Joe & The Juice (go for ‘Sex Me Up’, beaut!) | All Star Lanes jam jar cocktails!
Getting overexcited with new season Shourouk
Aqua By Aqua Sample Sale | Big Chill Brick Lane (sweet for Friday night beers. BIG beers.) | Grand Royale London (the perfect place for a dark and dramatic photo shoot – just, awesome.)
What have you been up to lately?
Summer soon! Plans?

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