4 days in Copenhagen | itinerary

July 28, 2015

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We called the sweet meatpacking/ red light district of Vesterbro our home for 4 days, which I guess is similar to Shoreditch, London and Williamsburg, NYC. Our quaint little apartment of Scandi dreams was above an XXdutty adult playroom, which we discovered by accident one fine morning when a curtain blew in the wind, revealing…more than I knew was humanly possible. The location was spot on. Kødbyen, the actual meat packing area, is filled with al fresco wines and dines but I don’t wanna essay the eyeballs off you, instead, here’s a list of do’s for your visit to le hagen :

Rent a bike – Sit outside and drink Cherry wine with Hells Angels in War Pigs – go for a pizza at Mother, fresh seafood at Fiskebaren, an organic feast at BioMio (ideal for veggies/vegans) – taste the local herbs at Freetown Christiania (Europe’s Nimbin)– table dance at ex Slaughterhouse, Mesteren & Laerlingen – get clevah at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (scenic 1hr train journey from central) – get sexy and mysterious at the club Ruby – sell your soul at the Acne Archive for a pair of shoes 8 sizes too small which you can’t live without – shop – ride it @ Tivoli Garden – Drink here if you’re a literature lover– and finally, never grow up at Superkilen.

If you’re going in the winter, here ye go.

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