August 16, 2013
The most aesthetically sensational thing I think I have ever experienced. 

Last Sunday, we rolled on over to Battersea Power Station in SW8 to celebrate Holi Festival: 
“The HOLI Festival takes place on the day of the fullmoon of the Phaluga month and is one of the most famous celebrations in the northern parts of India. At this Hindu-Festival people celebrate the victory of the good over the bad.
Everyone throws handfuls of colourful powder in the air to express the freedom and to colour their everyday life. All people are supposed to be equal!”
Upon arrival, your ticket gets you 5 goldfish bags of colourful paint powders. 
On the hour every hour, the DJ encores a 10 second countdown where thousands of white clad,two-steppers throw handfuls of paint into the air, creating the most surreal multicoloured cloud. When the dust settles, everyone is left with tie-dye attire, bright pink teeth and hair similar to the Troll Dolls. 

The main stage was on fire all day with a mixture of reggae, dub and house and the bars were super efficient with the help of the booze token.

Basically, what I’m saying is, GO! Visit the website here, select your country and find a date.
If you’re out of luck, create your own!

Tarpaulin(enough to cover your garden)
A sweet playlist
Plenty of drink
& ALL your mates

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