October 26, 2013
Churchill once said, ‘If one starts the day with a big break-ay, one will always be oh-kay…”

…Alright, so he never said that, in fact, no one did, ever. But I woke the sod up with a magical breakfast all the same, served on our gorgeous BIA Cordon Bleu Fromage Plates, titling our favourite thing in the world (no, not each other), Camembert.

That’s right, last weekend, myself and Mr A celebrated our 6 year anniversary *CRAY!!!*
I now realize that the top image is all a bit business meeting, which is funny, because that was basically what it turned into. I of course pounded him with a forceful ‘list ten things you love the most about me, go!’ and patiently waited for the list to reel off. After the tenth ‘Ummm’ and 20th eye roll from me, we gave up that game, jumped in the car and sped away to the Utopia Spa at Alexander House, which we previously visited for the weekend 3 years back.
This place is insanely perfect; the couples massage was a hot mess of sensual oil and…snores(yes, it was that good) and the pools are dark, almost candle lit, with plenty of loungers and fluffy robe-ness.
The next eve we went here and here
Unfortunately we were not made aware beforehand that the official Knobhead Awards were being held in both venues…
Cracking views though!
But if you want a real good night where you can get great cocktails and not be snarled at by Kimmy K wannabes, go East. Nice to dress up though, the vampy lip was out out. 
Here’s to another year with my best friend.
Love, love and all the rest xx

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