September 6, 2013
Last weekend we celebrated my cousins 21st with a very special afternoon tea at, The Wolseley.  

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Ooooh fancy, they let your type in there?!’, I too, was shocked!
I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman…minus the whole prostitute thing of course, *don’t worry mum.*
We were led through the vast, chandelier lit restaurant area (initially built in 1921 as a car salesroom) and up a spiral staircase in to our own private dining room which seated 14. The room was dome shamed with beautiful arch windows on each side, overlooking hundreds of champagne sipping, scone eating ladiez & gentz ov leisure.
Attempting to fit in, I slowly pecked on finger sarnies, delicate pastries and mouse size cakes, however when the scones came out, my ladylike visage melted away and before I knew it my face was smothered with clotted cream and there was jam everywhere
Gad, they were good.  
After 3 hours of sipping and chortling, we grabbed a taxi home to prep for the evenings fancy-dress-wild-one in Camden.
To those who follow me on instagram, could you guess the theme? (@soph_bh)
A huge thanks to The Wolseley for inviting us in to your world of prestige and glamour; the service was amaze. I’d also like to say a big well done to myself for not stacking it in what could have been the most inappropriate environment to do so; cue Beyoncé’s stair tumble flashback. 
Treat the special lady in your life to an arvo of luxury – prices start from £9.75 pp!

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