June 3, 2013
week we headed over to Bounce to celebrate PB’s birthday. 

As he’s hit midlife crisis material (mid 20’s), we kept it
lighthearted and fun so he’d feel youthful for just one more evening.

always, we prioritised.

The six of us shared the Players board TWO:
Sorrento olives & kalamata with basillica & chilli, Zucchini w/ lemon
& lime juice & chilli olive oil, Salami Milano and cured pork salami
with hazelnuts. I KNOW.
I went for the pork & chorizo meatballs in pizzaiola sauce
with parmesan, olives, capers, spaghetti & rocket whilst the others opted
for the half slow roast corn fed chicken with lemon, thyme & roast
vegetable with pesto or a classic pizza. 
Pud didn’t hang around long enough to be photographed, but if
you can imagine what heaven would look like in a chocolate form, you’re half
way there. Then try imagining salted caramel ice cream on top of all

You’re in ecstacy, aint’cha!
After a few bottles, we hit the tables. 
We got a bit carried away and started playing as though we were
champions. Apologies to anyone that was in our firing line, it wasn’t
intentional but at least now you’ve learned to be aware when the pros are
“Bounce is verifiably located on the
very same site on which the game of ‘ping pong’ was first created and patented
in 1901…We boast 13 custom designed Butterfly Ping Pong Tables in the main
playing area, including the Olympic 2012 Table and World Championship

If you don’t enjoy Ping-Pong, you will when your drunk, that’s
all I’m saying.

and PB, I kid, ‘forever young’.

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