September 25, 2013

My blog is 1 year old today!
“Haaaaappy Birthday to youuuuu…”
Who would have ever thought I would have kept it up for this long!?
If only my on/off relationship with exercise was this successful… 
Working in the wonderful world of Fashion, everything is very fast paced and tends to quickly phase out. As fabulous as it is to celebrate the new, it’s a shame to forget the old.

I started Betti Azure as a little output of personal creativity – a place to share a few of the million unnecessary photos I take; be it of restaurants, clothes, travel etc. I wanted a place people could reference for an honest opinion – just because something’s been around for over 6 months does not make it boring or done-with. 

It’s something I look forward to coming home and doing, it’s never once felt like a chore and I find it very therapeutic; both the photographing and the writing.  
Hopefully Betti Azure will continue to grow, reach further readers and inspire others to start up their own blogs!
Thank you so much to everyone who visits Betti Azure and for warming to my little space on the World Wide Web!
I’d love it if you could give my blog a follow, here – that way you’ll receive a notification when I post anything new 🙂
As for the cake, I used this Vanilla Sponge recipe and this Icing recipe (adding pink food dye and sprinkles). 

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