January 19, 2014
Myself and Mr A. recently popped over to Paris for a day of sightseeing and romance, n’awww. 

I totally kid, on our A game, we drank the city dry and ate more cheese than…any mouse EVER. 

According to my instagram, we started off with a cultural browse around the peaceful Notre Dame, before strolling to Saint-Germain-des-Prés via the famous love locket bridge (Pontde l’Archevêché), to share the ever romantic Parisian smooch, *eye roll, all I could think of was macaroons and how I should have opted for flats rather than thigh-high hooker boots*.
Being in France we thought we should embrace the culture…and go for an Italian lunch. What can I say; girl had a craving for Bolognese. 
Full up on wine love, we grabbed a taxi to the Eiffel Tower, had ourselves a cute little time and later headed to Galeries Lafayette – the worlds most beautiful department store. 

I hugged a pair of Choos for about 8 minutes before being dragged out by Mr A (why does he hate me so?), empty handed and quite frankly, parched. We strolled aimlessly for a total of 12 minutes before I slumped myself down at a bus stop, howled (i’m being dramatic) and cursed the day my boots were born, before grabbing a taxi to Champs-Élysées.
The taxi man was clearly a mind-reader, like an excited kitty being
teased with string, I exited the vehicle to see Ladurée dangled in front of my snout; I
just had to get involved. We went in on the promise that I chose a couple
of Macaroons and shut the hell up; we were officially Chuck & Blair.
We ended up staying for wine…and then
some, washed down with more macaroons and numb feet; mission accomplished – stupid boots. We strolled up the Champs-Élysées, stopping in every other café or
bar, people watching the chic Parisian babes and enjoying a hella’lotta free
We ended the day with a cuddle
under the Arc de Triomphe, part romance, part
fearing for our lives, wondering whether the drivers whizzing around were
blind folded or just blind…terrifying. After a perfect day, we caught the Eurostar
back to London and fell into a happy coma before work the next day.
Une journée parfait – A perfect day.
* You may notice that these photos are from our kitchen rather than glorious Paris; those can be found on my instagram (@sophie_bh). This was our, we miss you Paris feast, with baked camembert and homemade coffee cake (NO JAM). 
Praise the lord for cheese & cake…

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