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February 1, 2016

IMG_0716Last year was focused man. Focused on funds and completing on our first home, focused on renovation ( more here) and focused on my full time career as a stylist. A successful year all round, but not for my bod. It was feeling done in from fancy work in the day and dirty work on site in the evenings and on weekends – 18hr days became the new norm for 4months. I initially thought the manual labour would work wonders, utilising muscles that had previously thrown themselves a funeral, after a lifetime of being ignored and left to perish. Reality was, I was heavier than ever (little sleep and very late dinners really screw you) and generally, I felt lame in terms of energy levels. Myself and Mr A were running off adrenaline in the end, but because he shares the same gene pool as a fruitful runner bean, he was looking sleepy but of course, wonderful. Shit, I looked and felt like a half eaten fish, fresh from a water drought.

IMG_0691All structural work at the flat was finished a few days before Christmas, meaning we finally had a kitchen (!), plus time to put aside for food shopping and proper cooking. In reality, we laid on the floor for hours on end drinking wine but yo, at least we now had the option to do the above. I avoid gluten and wheat as much as possible, because my body bitches towards it. However during the reno, we had such little time to buy/prepare food, that inevitably, easy options won. That didn’t necessary mean unhealthy meals, although fish and chips became a thing for a short while – it meant free-from was often not an option. Christmas time is indulgent, and when you mix that with celebrating the end of an amazing, but very hard couple of months, you start breathing in more than you breath out. I was looking forward to getting back to London to focus on the new, fun side of the flat, i.e. decorating it and getting back to a routine. Routine is so (!) important for your general wellbeing, I never truly realised until we came out the other side and thought, ‘how and when did that happen!?’ I was strongly aware that I had to focus on making sure I was irie – I was so over feeling tired and generally bleugh – so like most other huns in the first week of Jan, I was on a detox hunt.

IMG_0709I just wanted to flush the old year out and kick-off the new one, how I meant to go on. I spoke to people about safe detoxes they’d tried or heard about, and it kept coming back to Obsidian. They use juicing as part of their scientifically proven programme, to help people with weight loss, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other conditions. I rang to ask them if it would help with general sleepiness and they said it worked as a body pick me up, which gives your immune system a boost. Yes pluz. I’m very fortunate as the team sent me a 7 day juice programme (this one) to try out, but I vowed to only write about it if I believed in the affects and results.
IMG_0692The very next day, 28 frozen juices arrived in 9 different flavours, along with a 1 page instruction sheet. 22 went in the freezer and 4 went in the fridge to defrost. You continue to get the next days set of 4 out before bed, and let them defrost over night in the fridge. The juices are all apple based so they were all nice and sweet – they’re naturally hydrating and full of vitamins and minerals – this aids towards the natural healing process of feeling..human again.
I gave updates on my instagram throughout the detox (@bettiazure) but in short – the programme was a huge success. With my 4 juices a day (which I had when I began to feel hungry, rather than at set times), I lost 5lb in a week. A huge bonus! Google what 5lbs of fat looks like and you’ll feel grossed out but happy too, if you’re also making healthy changes and are losing weight. More importantly, when my alarm went off for work, I ‘woke up’! Before, I didn’t feel fully awake until mid morning/midday and mentally, I felt really strong and still do. I wore the same dress to weddings the weekend before the detox, and the weekend after and the difference in the way I looked and felt, felt huge to me. Even if visually to others, not much had changed. 

There’s a stigma around detoxing and I agree that the only way to lose weight and to keep it off, is through driving passed the golden arches and not into them. It’s about healthy eating and exercise. It’s easy to say that but if you’re feeling so knackered that the exercise just ain’t gonna happen, nor are you motivated enough to kickstart your new healthy diet, then I would strongly recommended this detox to get the ball rolling.

I’ve eaten healthily now for 2 weeks and i’m still feeling sweet! Of course I’ve still had the odd bit of cake and cheese…I haven’t completely lost the plot, but I’m now incorporating Aloe gel into my diet, along with homemade juices and carefully selected food groups under doctors orders. I don’t think i’d have found my new regime as easy as I have, if it wasn’t for Obsidian. It almost retrained my habits by getting rid of the dutty, artificial sugars within me.

I wanted my first post back to blogging to be something fabulous – I had outfit posts in mind, but for so long I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going. This post feels so real to me right now so I wanted to share it with you guys and I want to wish you all the luck and continued well dones if you too, are trying to make positive changes. It’s beyond hard to break habit, but you have to start somewhere!

I promise my next post will be high heels and lace but I hope you’ve enjoyed this fruity number – Sophie x



(Juices are from www.juiceprogrammes.com )

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