Paris – Day 4

October 25, 2012
We got up early on our last day as realisation kicked in and reminded us that we were actually on a study trip and we needed to gather research for our garment construction books. So we thought it was about time we sourced some fabric and pattern inspiration for said project and off we headed towards Sacré-Coeur.
We worked our way through plenty of fabric laden streets and felt the fabric shops offered nothing different than what you could barter for over at Shepherds Bush. That was until we found a phenomenal little gem selling, god forbid I say this online, but real fur and incredible leathers. Now before you start, I too think that clever girls can fake it but there is no texture like it! Soft is the ultimate understatement. 
We grabbed a few swatches and samples for our fabric files as it’s something you’d never be able to get hold off in this array in the UK. In fact, I think Harrods is the only department store here that still sells real fur. 

The shop owner made miniature products out of the left over scraps of material and displayed them proudly around the shop – how cute is this little pouch!

After a long browse, we hit the sights of Sacré-Coeur and visited the grand Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre. In English…that great big building used for prayer and spiritual training. Pa-ritty kewwwl. Unlike the hench stair hike up. Although you can get lift but obviously being fitness goddesses we took the stairs i.e didn’t see the lift. 

 After you’ve got your breath back, had a minor asthma attack and a little a lay down, THEN, you’ll appreciate the views.
My smile below was a cry for help.

We chilled at the top for a bit, leisurely indulging ourselves in the scenery until Mr Fat comes out to play and tells us all that we need a macaroon, or ten. So we obliged, you can’t ignore your inner child, nurture that inner child and give it god damn macaroon!

After what seemed like fo-ever, we finally had a little Snackaroon on a Macroon. Mmm Mmm.
We then took the metro to the impressive promenade that is the Champs- Elysées and gradually made our way down towards the Arc de Triomphe. If you have dollar, this is the ultimate shopping destination, it’s just row upon row of the highest players in the luxury fashion field. Lust, lust, lust. It literally has every designer under the sun, checkout the official website here if you’re looking to plan a shopping trip.
We ate at the brilliant Chez Clement restaurant, it’s easy to find, the whole ceiling is covered with copper pots and pans with a perfect glass conservatory looking over the Arc De Triomphe.
We had plenty of wine and copious amounts of food before we slowly made our way back to Gard Du Nord to catch our Eurostar back to London. Sob Sob.

We were sad to be leaving but looking forward to something very special which I will post about in the next few days…

This wasn’t my first and will certainly not be my last trip here. Every few years you need to come here to refuel the magic inside. For now, au revoir Paris, Je t’aime, Sophie 

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