March 8, 2015

A few people have messaged me asking more details about our hotel, so here’s a wee LD. It’s called Secrets The Vine in Cancun, Mexico and we stayed in the Preferred Club Junior Suite Ocean View. We decided to go for preferred club as you get extra benefits like having access to the private infinity pool which overlooks the rest of the resort. This was an arvo saviour as the strip has lots of high-rises, meaning the main pool and beach are partying in the shadows whilst the private pool up above is still saturated in sun.


We booked it through a company called Travel Bag as their prices were even lower than Expedia! It was all inclusive so other than some dolla dolla bills for tipping, you really wouldn’t have needed to spend anything out thurr. Although we did a couple of trips to break up the 14 day lounge laze.


The cute two piece in pic 1 is from Depop  & my beloved acid trip headphones are from Luisa Via Roma – the oil slick pair I have are now sold out but you can find them here and here .



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