Mad Hatters Tea Party | SANDERSON LONDON

May 16, 2013
“Tumble down the rabbit hole” and eat your heart out at the worlds most mesmerising afternoon tea in the insanely sexy, Sanderson, London
I’m all over anything unusual and off the beaten track, so I had high hopes after hearing so much boasted speculation. My mum came to visit for the day so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to hit it up. 

Oversized lilac bouquets lined the hotel entrance and two kind doormen swept us inside and led us to the Long Bar
We were led out to the courtyard where marble tables trickled around the enchanted garden. Once seated, our 2 waitresses greeted us with vintage books, cleverly disguising the menu inside. 
On our dainty, bespoke Luna & Curious plates laid crisp black napkins entwined in riddles that flattered the tongue and cheek china teapots; adorned with quirky animals and ticking clocks. 

3 glass potions were handed over, each bottle filled with a unique tea: rhubarb & custard, strawberry & cream and Choc’mint.
As a tea virgin, (strange I know), I was dubious about the tea, usually opting for something highly inappropriate at any time of day, such as a sweet cocktail… but I thought I’d get stuck into the spirit and thank god I did! I went for the rhubarb option and it was tea-vine. (Get it.) 
We were pleasantly surprised to be bought two, yes, two, 3-tiered masterpieces. Mouths were drooling and I barely heard any of the description as I was too busy trying to control my hands. I tend to get a bit ‘Bruce Bogtrotter‘ and devour everything in seconds. Luckily, Sanderson have a beautiful description of each piece so, enjoy… 

“Enjoy dainty sandwiches on homemade bread including the smoked Cumbrian ham with wholegrain mustard on sun dried tomato bread; and cucumber and chive cream cheese on spinach bread. There are classic home baked savory and sweet scones with herb butter and fruit preserves…
This culinary whimsy continues with sweets such as ‘strawberries and cream’ homemade marshmallow mushrooms; a carrot meringue served on a bed of pea shoots; a ‘Tick Tock’ traditional Victoria sponge clock and a melting mango cheesecake coated in rainbow patterned white chocolate. Guests will be invited to ‘Jelly Wonderland’, where the most delicious fruit jellies made in Victorian jelly moulds are presented on a lavish Phillipe Starck cake trolley…”

You get the jist. And now you’re hungry. Muhahaha.
The whole experience was incredibly chilled. We had 2 hours of lounging, chatting, drinking and nibbling and not once were we reminded to keep an eye on the clock; despite the table covered in illustrated ones. Subconscious product placement? Nah…

 I hear the elements change seasonally so I’m expecting a rabbit to be knocking on my door when the new menu arrives!

Boys, if you fancy treating your little princess (puke), grab your balls and call this number 0207 300 5588; I promise you won’t be the only bloke!
Girls, got a birthday or just fancy the ultimate treat? Get involved! Fancy dress isn’t permitted, but definitely pull on your cutest dress, alright Alice 😉 
Sanderson, thank you for so much fun! Apologies for the screeches; we don’t get out much…
Daily 12:30PM-5:30PM
£35 per person/ £45 w/ Laurent-Perrier 

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